What is the Best Ceramic Coating?

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer, typically made of silicon dioxide, that acts as a layer of protection for your paint. Instead of simply sitting on top of your existing finish, ceramic coatings go further and chemically bond to your paint. This allows the coating to stay on your paint for a significant amount of time, protecting it for longer.

In addition to the functional aspect, ceramic coatings also help give your car a stunning glossy shine and a deeper, more vibrant look to your paint color. Some even say their cars look even better than when they were brand new.

We have further evolved our best-in-class coating with the new Ceramic Pro ION. Not only does it retain all the benefits of the original Ceramic Pro 9H, but it improves upon basically every aspect of the coating. The secret is in the name, Ceramic Pro ION makes use of ION Exchange Technology.

The two-part system involves larger ions from a second layer, replacing the ions found in the first layer. The result is a much less space between molecules and a stronger chemical bond overall. A similar technique is used in modern smartphone screen manufacturing to make them as shatterproof as possible. We are proud to be the first in the industry to bring this technology to the forefront.

But what does it mean for you? The ION Exchange technology brings with it a bunch of benefits that help it outperform other ceramic coatings. It allows a thick coating layer to exist without being brittle, maintaining its strength. This increased thickness makes the coating much more resistant to abrasions, a weak spot for many traditional ceramic coatings, which are thinner and less dense.

The hardness of this coating goes even beyond what the 9H coating offers, making it even harder for any small rocks to puncture the coating and hit your paint. Coupled with even better hydrophobicity, the Ceramic Pro ION is the best ceramic coating. It provides the most advanced and comprehensive protection for your car.


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