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Detailing Packages

*All prices are starling at and are dependent upon vehicle size and inspection.


$ 135 Premium


$ 150 Premium


$ 170 Premium


$ 190 Premium

Our Premium Detailing Service is the best way to give your investment a fresh start and protect your car’s paint, leaving it looking bran new.

No other detailing service can match the quality and value of our Premium Detailing Package.

What we do?


As our first step, we thoroughly clean your paint to remove all loose dirt and microscopic contaminants embedded in the clear coat surface.


Subsequently, we apply a mechanical decontamination treatment with nanotechnology to remove contaminants that have adhered to the surface, resulting in a rough and sandy feel to the paint.


To protect paint for a long time, it is essential to seal it carefully once it is clean. A polymer paint sealant will help to enhance shine and create a protective layer.


Wheels are cleaned and sealed by hand, both inside and out. Calipers and tires are meticulously cleaned and coated. Exhaust tips are polished by hand for a complete, detailed finish.


We also vacuum and clean the interior of the vehicle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A More Cost-Effective Way To Completely Clean Your Ride

Perhaps the most notable reason that our detailing team here at ZV Detailing have created the option for package detailing is to help bring cost-effective, complete vehicle detailing to all in the South Florida area.

Without the ability to select options that take care of both the interior and exterior of a vehicle, many are forced to choose one or the other.

This leaves their ride with lackluster results and not nearly the same value they would have had they had both areas detailed adequately.

Our goal at Zv Detailing is to not leave customers between a rock and a hard place and insteat work WITH them to help them achieve the best aesthetic and value possible for their car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. We collaborate with our customers, and have found this effort to be immensely beneficial both for their satisfaction and in fulfilling our mission of vehicle detailing excellence daily.

Contact our vehicle detailing crew today to learn more about our two combination vehicle detailing packages, and don’t forget to let us know if you have any special request at the time of your appointment – we will be sure to fulfill them.

ZV Luxury Auto Spa


Vehicle Detailing Benefits

Your Vehicle Will Appear Completely Brand New

When you have your interior and exterior detailed and restored, your automobile will appear as though it has stepped back in time. The exterior detailing portion of our combination vehicle detailing packages provide you with full decontamination and paint correction as needed, while the interior detailing portion removes stain and restores your new car smell.

Lasting Cleanliness Inside and Out

Our combination vehicle detailing packages provide long-term cleanliness that keeps you away from our detailing shop for longer, letting you enjoy the benefits of a pristine vehicle for weeks to months. Our detailing team accomplishes this by utilizing safe and quality protective formulas on delicate interior areas and paint or glass exterior surfaces.

All Hard-To-Reach Areas Are Decontaminated

Cleaning your own vehicle, no matter how intricate you may be, does not always rid the hard-to-reach areas ofr your interior and exterior of dangerous environmental and chemical contaminants. Likewise, a regular car wash also tends to miss vital areas of your exterior. A full vehicle detail completely removes all grime from every single crevice on your automobile.

Full Auto Restoration

Your vehicle will not only appear new, in many cases, it will actually BE new with our package detailing here at ZV Detailing! Interior decontamination and stain removal actually revitalizes the carpeted and cloth areas, while paint correction and polishing the exterior following thorough decontamination eliminates swirl marks, light scratches, and more to bring back the original gloss of your paintwork.

*Please note: Does not remove heavy bug damage, heavy water spot contamination, over spray, pet hair, or heavy dirt/sand.

**Final price upon inspection**