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3M Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Packages

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$ 1.350


$ 1.430


$ 1.650


  • 2 Coat application of ceramic to paint and body work.
  • Infrared (IR) curing.
  • Wheel and barrels coated (Full wheel).
  • All Automotive glass coated.
  • Exterior vinyl and plastics coated.
  • Headlights and taillights coated.
  • Includes door jambs.
  • Includes a free maintenance wash following application.

*NOTE: These prices do NOT reflect paint correction services.


Vehicle Detailing Benefits

Ceramic Coating are not just limited to painted surfaces. As you can imagine, your glass, plastic and other exterior areas can and do benefit greatly from hydrophobic coverage against Mother Nature and everything else she throws at the exterior of your vehicle here in South Florida.

We at ZV Detailing want your entire exterior protected from precipitation, environmental grime, stains, and general fading or degradation. As they compare to clear bras that we install here as well, ceramic coatings are the only type of hydrophobic surface protection that can also cover wheels and rims! This is due to their liquid state, hand applied to all applicable surfaces by our licensed and certified installation team.

To begin your exterior protection journey, fill out our FREE quick quote form and contact one of our ceramic coating installation professionals to receive help in deciding what level of coverage benefits your vehicle the most.

3M Ceramic Coating

ZV Luxury Auto Spa

3M Ceramic Coating is a proprietary paint coating treatment for vechicles which is professionally applied to provide enchanced depth and luster to an automotive finish as well a slick surface for easy maintenance. Maximum water beading effect provides a just polished look that is durable in a variety of conditions for up to five years with proper care & maintenance.

  • 3M Ceramic Coating is a propietary cercamic coating which provides a protective layer that chemically bonds to automotive paint finshes.
  • Excellent water beading effect providing a just polished look that is durable in a variety of environmental conditions.
  • Slick surface finish moakes for easy cleaning of dirt, bugs & a bird droppings.
  • Hydrophobic water beading effect carries away surface dust and dirt as water quickly sheds from the vehicle.
  • 3M Ceramic Coating is durable in a variety of environmental conditions and won’t break down like other types of traditional waxes.
3M Ceramic Boost Spray

3M Ceramic Boost Spray

  • 3M Ceramic Boost Spray is designed as a coating maintenance product to be used after vehicles have been professionally coated with 3M Ceramic Coating. This product restores the hydrophobic water beading effect as well as rejuvenates the vehicle appearance.
  • 3M Ceramic Boost Spray may also be used alone as an entry level of ceramic coating that will last up to 6 months. The treatment will create a layer of protection that increases water beading, adds a slick smooth feel that helps shed water and make maintenance easier than on a non-coated vehicle.

3M Glass Pre-Treatment

  • 3M Glass Pre-Treatment is used to prepare a vehicle windshield to receive a layer of 3M Ceramic Coating. Used together these products will provide durable water repellency.
  • Does not reduce clarity or create light diffusion, blurring or rainbow effect.

Click below to discovery more about these products, and feel free to connect with one of our ceramic coating installation team members today to get help.

ZV Detailing

Installation Process


There is no sense in coating the exterior of any vehicle if it is already caked in contaminants from trees, bird droppings, road slush, or acid rain. We first have our exterior vehicle detailing team here at Zv Detailing step in, inspecting all surfaces and performing a complete exterior detail and decontamination to rid all areas of grime.


Next, our paint correction professionals step in to give your newly decontaminated and claybarred automobile a thorough inspection from a surface defect standpoint. Our team address es any issues with your paintwork, cutting, buffing, and polishing as necessary to both remove those defects and bring out a deep gloss that will be enhanced by your 3M Ceramic Coating.


Here is where the art form really comes in as it relates to a ceramic coating application. Our installation team here at ZV Detailing uses safe and detailed hand application methods to coat alls surfaces of your exterior with 3M Ceramic Coating formula. We are certified professionals in 3M coating, meaning only a licensed professional will apply these to your vehicle's exterior.


While your automobile may sit idle during this part of the process, our curing stage is perhaps equally as integral as the hand application phase. This is to ensure that no discrepancies or contaminants find their way onto the surface, negatively impacting the integrity of your coating. Following this setp, we recommend your future maintenance routine in order to maintain the warranty of your coating.